How to Get a 90% Open Rate On Your Email Messages Using the Little-Known “Triangle Email Strategy”

How’s THAT for a headline?

If you do any type of email marketing, this article could literally 10x your revenue overnight.

What you’re about to read will completely turn “traditional” email marketing on its head.

You’re going to learn a strategy we use to get 90% of our email subscribers to see our messages…and how you can start using it today in your business.


You should be…

Especially in a day and age where you’re considered a stud if you sniff anywhere near a 20% open rate.

Heck…MailChimp says around 20% is average, but let’s be real…

Most people are sitting around an 8-12% open rate these days.

But let’s say you did get a 20% open rate…

That means if you had 1000 email subscribers, only 200 of them would see your message on average.

800 of them would delete or skip over you.


What a Waste of Time

Let’s assume you’ve spent the past week working on an amazing blog post or YouTube video to email out to your subscribers.

You’ve researched the topic carefully, you’ve amped up your production quality, and you know this is the one.

This is the piece of content that’s going to inspire people to sign up for your product and/or service.

Giddy with excitement, you write an amazing email and queue it up to be sent to your email list.

They’re going to love it!

You wake up the following morning, feet hit the floor and the first thing you think is:

“I’ve GOT to see how my email list responded to that content I sent them yesterday…”

You power up your laptop, open your auto-responder and reality sinks in.

…12% of your email list read your email.

You put all that work in…yet nearly 90% of your list doesn’t even see it.

How unfair, right?

You accept the way it is, and you move on.

Back onto the hamster wheel of content creation.

HOPING the next piece is seen by more people.


What if There Was a Better Way…

A way to guarantee 90% of your audience saw EVERY piece of content you put out…

A way to blow up every bit of content you put out, and maximize leads and sales from your hard work…

Sound like something you might be interested in…?

I thought so 🙂

Let’s get started!


Introducing the Triangle Email Strategy

Just like you…our business relies heavily on email marketing.

So we thought to ourselves…

“How can we get more of our subscribers to see our message?”

If they aren’t gonna open every email…is there a way to still get our message in front of them?

And from that conversation, we went to work.

And we formulated what we like to call “The Triangle Email Strategy.”

And by using it, we’ve been seeing some amazing results.

It may sound fancy and complex, but it’s really not.

We just like to sound intellectual 🙂


Step 1: Do What You Already Do

So many times as marketers and entrepreneurs, we get so excited by something new, that we completely forget to do what already works.

Step 1 is a simple reminder of that.

First…create an email to your audience like you usually would.

If you can get 10-15% of your audience to see your message this way, that’s nothing to sneeze it.

Craft a compelling message, create a call-to-action, and hit send.


Step 2: Use the “NEW” Email Marketing

Unless you’ve been chilling under a rock the past year or two, you’ve likely heard all the hoopla about messenger marketing and chatbots.

And for good reason…

When someone receives a message in their Facebook inbox, they open it 80-90% of the time.

So naturally, if you’re using messenger marketing in your business, more people are going to see your message.

Note: If you’re curious how to turn your email subscribers into messenger subscribers, there’s multiple ways to do it, and that’s an entire blog post to itself. You could send your email subscribers an email with a link to click, run ads to them (more on that in a moment), or simply turn them into a messenger subscriber at the same time they subscribe to your email list.

The bottom line is, you need to be using messenger marketing.

Because someone may not open your email, but chances are they WILL open your message inside their Facebook inbox.

In fact…here’s a quick snapshot comparison, if you had 1000 email subscribers and 1000 messenger subscribers, and sent them both a message:

Big difference, simply because way more messenger subscribers and going to open your message versus email subscribers.

Now the way we’re gonna set this up is pretty straight-forward…

We’ve already written an email to send to our subscribers.

So now, we take that email and rewrite it a bit for our Facebook Messenger subscribers.

We’ll then broadcast this message to our Messenger subscribers in addition to sending out the email.

The great thing about this, is that very little additional work needs to be done.

We can pretty much cut and paste the existing email into a sequence that works for Messenger.

Since Messenger conversations should use more natural language and shorter sentences than in email, we’ll do a bit of adjusting.

But it’s pretty easy to reformat based on our existing email content.

Also…with MSGHero (cheap plug), you can insert buttons, capture customer information, and ask your subscribers questions.

This is awesome, because it’ll make your content even more interactive than the email version…which is a great way to build engagement!

Here’s an example of a Broadcast Message being sent out from MSGHero:

Simple, effective, and almost guaranteed to be seen by your audience 🙂

And here’s an added benefit…

You’re probably gonna have some messenger subscribers that aren’t email subscribers.

So these people will see your message too.

So you can see why Messenger Marketing is a powerful strategy to have in your toolkit…and is a fresh way to share your content with your subscribers.

But we’re not done yet…

It’s time to take things a step further.


Step 3: Complete the Triangle

We’ve already discussed two ways to get in front of your audience…to make sure they see your messages.

But this isn’t enough…

We want almost ALL of our subscribers to see our messages.

And even your audience sees your content just once, there’s still a chance they may not take action.

Perhaps they’re checking their Messenger inbox at work, while in line at the grocery store, or while they’re in the middle of a conversation with a friend.

Or maybe they open your email, then get distracted by a family member.

We’re only human, and our attention spans are short.

But here’s the thing…

When we TRIPLE our efforts and complete the triangle, we give ourselves the best chance to reach more people and combat their distractions.

Even better…completing the triangle is relatively easy, and doesn’t have to use up much of your marketing budget.

Here’s how to do it:

For step 3, we’re gonna use Facebook ads.

But we’re gonna use a little twist, that’s been bringing us some really good results.

The twist is…you’re gonna run Facebook ads to your email list!

Many of the people who see these ads have probably not opened an email from you in months…or even years.

Yet suddenly…they’re gonna see you in their newsfeed :).

First…we upload our email list as a Custom Audience inside the Facebook Ads Manager.

To do that, first you’ll wanna download your email list from whatever provider you use (MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, etc).

Then…you’ll just head to your Facebook Ads Manager.

+ Find the Audiences section.

+ Choose to create a new Custom Audience.

+ From there, select Customer File.

+ Upload your list of contacts from your email provider.

Facebook offers a handy CSV template to organize your list.

Add your emails to the template provided, then give it a bit of time to go through the matching process, and you’re good to go!

Now…you can target your email list with Facebook ads 🙂

Next, prepare your content to use in the ads.

Again, this shouldn’t take a ton of time or effort as it’s already been written.

Just go through the existing content that you have, pull out a headline, select an image, and you’re off to the races.

Last, you’ll want to actually launch your ad.

All you need to do is set up the ad normally through the Facebook Ads Manager, but make sure to choose your uploaded list as the target audience.

Set your budget and timeframe, then watch the clicks come in!

Your content will show up in the newsfeed of people who have been matched with your email list.

Either you’re gonna be reaching them AGAIN (if they already saw your email or FB inbox message)…

OR…you’re gonna be reaching them for the first time (which remember…is awesome, because in the past if they didn’t open your email, you lost your chance).

And even though many of these people may not open your emails, they’re still a “warm audience.”

It’s not like you’re targeting strangers…so this custom audience is much more likely to pay attention to your content and engage with it.

Since pretty much EVERYONE is on Facebook, this is a great way of making sure that nearly 100% of your audience has the opportunity to see the content you worked so hard on.

And it works like magic!


What to Expect When Using the Triangle Email Strategy

Using the strategy we just outlined, allows you to get as much out of your content as possible.

And it allows you to reach as much of your audience as possible.

Plus…it makes your life easier!

Instead of creating new, original pieces of content for each of your distribution channels…you’re now able to re-purpose your content to reach your audience in three different ways.

Because not everyone in your target audience prefers to receive content in the same way, this ensures that you’re reaching everyone you need to, in their preferred contact method.

And no one likes a pest…

So instead of hounding your audience with multiple follow-up emails, you’re able to softly nudge them with reminders to take action, by switching it up and reaching them in different ways.

Let’s face it…

Getting more eyeballs on your offer, ultimately leads to more leads and sales for your business.

The Triangle Email Strategy accomplishes this in a big way.


Here’s an Example of How Social Panda Team Member Latasha Used It For Her Business

Latasha had just published a new eBook…and wanted to let her email list know about it.

So she did something groundbreaking…(kidding)

She sent an email to her list, letting them know about the new eBook she published.

She offered them a coupon code to get it for half off.

Once that was sent, she set up a Messenger Marketing sequence with a similar message.

Anyone who is on her subscriber list will get prompted to check out the eBook (similar to the Broadcast Message I showed you above).

And she’ll serve them up with that same 50% off code.

NOTE: At this time, MSGHero is the only messenger marketing platform that allows you to track leads and sales down to the exact message they came from. So Latasha will be able to see just how many sales come from her messenger marketing efforts.

Next…Latasha uploads her email list to Facebook, and creates a Custom Audience.

Facebook will match that list of emails to Facebook accounts, and when she chooses to use that audience for her ads, the same people she sent an email to will be targeted with the ad as well.

But Latasha decides to “double dip” a bit…

Rather than just creating a normal ad that people can click on, she creates a Comment-Response ad using MSGHero.

Basically…she’ll engage people with the ad and get them to comment.

This accomplishes two things:

1) She’s able to target her email list with Facebook ads, and get them to request a discount code for the eBook.

2) Once they comment on her ad, she’s then able to turn them into a messenger subscriber (if they aren’t already), so now she has another way to reach them in the future.

And once they become a messenger subscriber, her chatbot will automatically send them the half-off code and a link to the eBook.

How cool is that?!?


TL;DR (Summary)

  • Email open rates are terrible, and you’re lucky if over 10% of your audience sees your message.
  • So we combat that with our Triangle Email Strategy…which is the process of redistributing your content via Facebook Messenger and Facebook Ads.
  • After distributing your emails as usual, rewrite them into Messenger Marketing sequences.
  • Use Facebook’s Custom Audiences to upload your list of email contacts (the same list you used in the first step.)
  • Then run ads to this audience (a big majority of people who ignored your email will see your ads).
  • By sending an email, then a message to your Messenger Marketing list, as well as targeting your email list with Facebook ads…you’re now able to reach your target audience in three different ways.
  • Don’t worry about burning out your audience: since each form of contact is new and fresh, they’ll be less likely to experience fatigue (compare this to sending emails over and over).
  • Messenger Marketing sees open rates of 80-90%, and click-through rates over 50%.
  • Email marketing doesn’t come close to this, so you need to use Messenger to maximize your reach (…and ultimately your leads and sales).
  • We know that when a user is exposed to advertising more than once, they are more likely to take action.
  • The Triangle Email Strategy is a great way of putting that concept into action.

What’s the Best Messenger Marketing Platform For Your Business?

At this point…you’re probably ready to give the Triangle Email Strategy a go.

A big part of it is using messenger marketing, and to do that, you’ll need a messenger marketing platform.

We just so happen to be the owners of one of the most popular messenger platforms in the world, MSGHero.

But before you sign up, you might be wondering why you should try us over the competition…

There’s many reasons, but here’s a few:

1) MSGHero allows you to TRACK sales, leads, ROI, LTV of messenger subscribers and so much more. Our competitors do not. Wanna track the performance of your messenger campaigns? Then you need to use us 🙂

2) We’re the EASIEST platform out there. Our competitors have bulky, confusing, over-complicated and outdated features and flows.

3) We have the best customer support in the industry, with one-on-one specialized assistance. Our average support response takes 8 minutes. We’ve heard nightmares from people using other platforms, that take up to two weeks to respond!

4) We’re actually CHEAPER than the competition. Other platforms make you THINK they’re cheaper by offering a “free” tier of service. But when you actually start generating subscribers (which is the goal), we are less than half the price of the competition!

5) We display zero branding in the messages you send (unlike our competitors). The only branding we want your customers to see is YOURS.

6) We’re not just another software company. We’re not some faceless “Silicon Valley” company, out to make a buck. We are MARKETERS who created this platform for other MARKETERS just like us.

In summary…we’re awesome, and our customers agree.

The next step is easy…

Grab your FREE 7-day trial of MSGHero here.

Setting up your first campaign is easy.

It requires no coding or heavy-duty tech skills…and remember, with MSGHero, you’ll be able to track leads and sales as they come in.

And if for some reason you don’t like it…just cancel.

No hard feelings 🙂

Try it for FREE today and let us know what you think 🙂

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