Track Leads, Sales & LTV within Messenger Marketing Chatbots

Today I want to show you something that’s never been possible before. I’m gonna show you how we’re tracking every key metric in our Messenger Marking funnels and how we’re pin-pointing the leads and sales down to the exact message, as well as automatically calculating the lifetime value (LTV) of our Messenger bot subscribers.

As a business owner you know how important your numbers actually are. Without knowing where your leads and sales are coming from or how your messages are performing, you’re flying blind and knowing how and where to scale your business is essentially impossible, and your growth is completely stunted.

So here’s how it currently works.

  • You set up a Messenger Marketing bot
  • You generate traffic
  • Then you see what happens, or in this case you hope for the best.

So if you look at the image below you have a messenger conversation, but you don’t know, which message generates a sale or what the conversion rate was, so how do you take your business to the next level with Messenger marketing without knowing your key metrics?



How do you know, which messages in your funnel are the actual ones that are generating your business sales? Do we just guess that information? Well, to be honest, until now guessing was the only way.



Here at Social Panda using our Message Hero Messenger Marketing platform, we’re happy to announce that we’re the only platform that solves this exact issue.

Message Hero does this all for you automatically. We track your leads and sales down to each individual message.


No other Messenger Marketing platform offers this and it’s why Message Hero is so special. Now the benefits of this are obviously game changing.

MSGHero takes the guesswork out of Messenger marketing and gives you data-driven performance in a simple to understand way. You’re now able to scale and tweak campaigns with confidence, knowing exactly which messages are performing or underperforming. You’ll also be able to scale your entire business knowing your exact lifetime value (LTV) of each or all of your Messenger bot subscribers, and running a business is a lot easier when you know you’re making $10 back for every $5 you’ve put in, for example. And now you’ll be able to do this by simply logging into Message Hero and clicking a button.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m going to show you exactly how it’s all displayed inside of MSGHero. The type of key metrics you’re given, and the analytics you’re shown, and how aesthetic this actually looks for you to be able to make powerful decisions for your business. Let’s jump into it.

As you can see below, I’m on one of the analytics pages. We have three different analytics sections. The one is general analytics, then we have sales analytics, and we have product analytics.

The image above from our video shows the “Sales Analytics”, and as you can see, we’ve got three summary boxes at the top. Keep in mind, this is a demo account, so these stats aren’t live. It’s a demo account to display how the software works. So, if I scroll down, we’ve got a graph of all of our sales, over a selected date range. And if we scroll down further, we’ve got these amazing graphs on the number of sales, a lifetime value (LTV) of our subscribers, our earnings per click (EPC), our sales conversion rates (%), a number of leads generated and our clicks.

We can see and track performance of all of these key metrics for our Messenger marketing funnels, right inside of Message Hero. And once set up, it does this for you automatically. And if I jump into the product analytics tab, you can see we can track which button was clicked, the number of impressions, uniques, conversion rates, add to carts, sales, leads, earnings per click, and the total sales from that exact button click through that exact message.

So we can track which product is being sold through which message across our entire Messenger bot. And not only that, we get these amazing extra metrics, so we know exactly how it’s performing. How many people added the product to the cart, but didn’t necessarily end up checking out? In this case, 15 people added to cart and 14 checked out.

You’re going to get amazing metrics with regards to your business, right inside of Message Hero, so you know exactly how your Messenger bot is performing. Of course we have other amazing analytics too, such as your open rates of your messages, your button metrics (CTR) and all that great stuff, and more analytics on individual subscribers. If you want to see your lifetime value (LTV) of your Messenger bot subscribers or if you want to generate the lifetime value (LTV), or rather the average lifetime value of all of your subscribers, you can do that too.

So this is what Message Hero allows you to do. We also have an article inside of Message Hero, that’s really, really short and simple to follow, that allows you to set up all of this once you get started. So, if you’re interested in tracking and optimizing your business with Messenger Marketing, MSGHero is the only platform that allows you to do this, and to get these kind of stats for your Messenger Marketing funnels and bots.

If you’re interested in MSGHero, click here to join in on the fun. It’s free and easy to get started, and we hope to see you on the inside.

Have any questions about tracking metrics through a Messenger bot, or anything else? Respond in the comments below – we reply to every comment 🙂

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