How to Track Leads & Sales inside Your Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Hey Facebook marketers, Latasha here. Today I’m gonna show you how to track every key metric of your Facebook Messenger marketing messages, including leads and sales as well as the lifetime value (LTV) of your Messenger subscribers. The best part is it’s super easy, so you might want to keep reading…

Okay, so as a business owner, you know how important your numbers are, right? Without knowing where your leads and your sales are coming from or how your messages are even performing, you’re flying blind.

Numbers are how you make decisions in business and without knowing them, how are you ever supposed to know how and where to scale? Without knowing your numbers, your growth is completely stunted.

Well, the good news is we have a solution for you. MSGHero is the only platform available that solves this issue and it does it automatically. We track your leads and your sales down to each individual message.

So, you want to know where those three sales just came from? We’ll let you know. MSGHero will show you the exact message that generated the sales. On top of that, MSGHero will be able to show you your LTV (or your lifetime value) of your Messenger subscribers.

As an industry first, you’ll be able to track how much each of your Messenger subscribers spends with your business over time. No other messenger marketing platform offers this and that’s part of why MSGHero is so special.

This feature is kind of a game changer. MSGHero takes the guess work out of Messenger marketing and gives you data-driven performance in a simple to understand way. You’re now able to scale and tweak campaigns with confidence knowing exactly which messages are performing and which ones need a little bit of work. You’ll also be able scale your entire business knowing the exact LTV of each or all of your Messenger subscribers.

Let’s face it, running a business is a lot easier when you know that you’re making ten dollars for every five dollars you’re putting into something. And again, like I said, this is super easy. That’s the absolute best part. All you have to do is log into MSGHero and click a button and all that stuff is generated for you. And honestly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So let’s hop over to my computer and I’ll show you tracking in action.

So from your dashboard you’re just going to click on “Analytics” in the top navigation menu and then go over to the “Sales Analytics” tab and that is the feature that we’re going to be talking about today.

So as you can see here, this gives you a nice break out of some really key metrics to your business. Now keep in mind this is a demo account so these are not real numbers, but this will give you a good idea of what you will be able to see once you get started with MSGHero.

Please note, below are screenshots from the video. To see a proper video overview, please click here and we’ll take you to the exact timestamp in the video where we cover this live

So you can see your revenue, your total number of sales, the total number of leads. You can filter this by date. If you had a special campaign or a special event going on and you just want to see the results from the duration of that campaign, you can do that.

You’ll also be able to see down here a little bit of a different view of the total number of sales you have, the LTV, that’s that metric that I mentioned earlier. It’s the lifetime value of your Messenger subscribers. You’ll be able see your EPC, your sales conversion rates, total number of leads and total number of clicks.

If you head over here to your product analytics, again, this is a demo account so there aren’t any actual numbers showing up here, but you’ll be able to search things which is really nice if you have a specific campaign that you’re searching for. Again, you can filter by date range and you’ll get all of those amazing metrics like buttons clicked, number of impressions which is huge, unique impressions, conversion rate, add to cart, sales, leads, EPC or earning per click, and total sales.

Again, it’s super easy to get here. You’ll just click on your “Analytics”. It’s a great format, very easily digestible and we are tracking all this stuff for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

So that’s it. Now you know how to track every key metric in your Facebook Messenger marketing messages. MSGHero is proud to be the only platform available with this capability and you can get started for free today by giving us a visit over at

That’s all I have for you today, thanks so much for stopping by!

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