Ask Yourself These Questions Before Building a Chatbot

Chatbots are incredible – we’re huge fans here at MSGHero, and we know you’d be too. They’re easy to use, make your customers happy, and drive results. But that’s not to say that you should launch one “just because”.

It’s important to have a Messenger Marketing strategy before setting up your first chatbot — and we’re here to help you do that. Ask yourself these questions before building your first chatbot:

What are my business goals?

A chatbot should help grow your business, and they’re great at a number of different things: upselling, customer care, and lead generation are just a few. Determine what your overall business goals are, and then figure out where exactly a chatbot can fit in with that.

For example, if your major business goal is to increase ticket sales, then set up your chatbot to help customize sales, upsell, and provide purchasing information. If your company was recovering from a P.R. crisis, the objective of your chatbot would likely be focused around customer care and satisfaction instead.

Where is my business coming from?

There are over 1 billion users on Facebook Messenger, but that might not necessarily mean that that is the only place you’ll find them. Analyze your traffic to get a good understanding of where you should be placing your chatbot (and the good news is that we allow you to place it almost anywhere!)

If your website gets heaps of traffic, make sure to enable the Customer Chat button so you can capture your customers’ attention and so they can engage with you without ever having to leave your site. If your email list is massive, use a Reference URL in each of your emails to enable them to engage with your bot that way.

What is my brand’s tone and voice?

Yes, chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence… but they shouldn’t sound monotonous and boring! Make sure that your chatbot sounds friendly, and that it adheres to your brand’s tone and voice. No one likes to take to a boring robot, so add some personality to yours!

Throw in some brand slang, add an emoji, or crack jokes with your customers. Depending on what sounds natural and makes sense for your brand, this could be the difference between earning a new Messenger subscriber… and losing the opportunity.

What type of support do I need?

It’s no secret that chatbots are completely changing the game when it comes to customer service. However, it’s still important to understand exactly what type of support your customers need before getting started.

A good way to do this is by going through your existing Messenger inbox and making a list of common questions you receive. You may also want to refine the FAQ section of your website to ensure it’s up to date, and also observe any trends you see. If anything is unclear, you may need extra support from your chatbot in order to serve your customers.

What is my advertising budget?

Combining the power of Messenger Marketing with Facebook Advertising is a brilliant idea. You’re able to increase your reach, while also communicating with your target customer, ultimately attracting new Messenger subscribers.

…But that costs money. And we know that not every marketing department, entrepreneur, or agency has a ton of extra money set aside for advertising. The great news is that with MSGHero, there are tons of things you can do to increase traffic to your chatbot without spending a dime. One of our favorites? The Reference URL. Pop it into your email signature, your social posts, or your business card and watch the conversations roll in.

Ask yourself these questions before building a chatbot and you’ll have a Messenger Marketing strategy that’s hard to beat. Don’t forget to join us for a 7-day free trial; you won’t believe you went this long without a chatbot!

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