One Tip That Tripled Our Messenger Marketing Growth

If at this very moment, you’re running Facebook ads, if you stay with me for this very short post, I’m going to help you and show you one simple trick that helped us triple our lead generation with Messenger Marketing.

Now, we’ve done stuff in the past that helped us bump up our lead generation but nothing that’s ever tripled it, and that’s why we felt the need to create this post/video.

So I’m just going to jump right into it 🙂

I’m going to show you how this all works.

Now, as you’ll know if you have run a Messenger bot before, when someone comments on your Facebook posts or your Facebook ads, you can actually trigger a message that goes directly into their main Facebook inbox as if it was a friend messaging them.

And you can send them through a messaging funnel, and that’s great, but the problem is Facebook doesn’t count someone as a Messenger subscriber until they actually respond to your comment message.

So when someone comments, the bot sends a message but that’s where it ends. The person doesn’t actually become a subscriber until they respond to that message you sent out. And this sucks because it means you lose nearly 70% of the leads you’re generating, and that’s money you’re paying Facebook to help you generate these leads.

So the key to generating a Messenger subscriber is actually having them respond to the message you send them when they comment on your Facebook post or your Facebook ad. This is where they become a Messenger subscriber for your Facebook page. And this is crucial because if people don’t respond, they aren’t a Messenger subscriber, you can’t broadcast messages to them in the future and you’re just wasting your time and your money.

So through lots of testing in our own business, this may seem crazy, but the best way to get a response from them is to actually ask them a rhetorical question in the message you send them when they comment on your Facebook post or your Facebook ad.

And what that’s going to do is it’s going to allow them to send you a frictionless reply. It’s not something that requires a lot of thinking or a lot of brainpower. It’s just a very simple response from them, and that is going to trigger them into becoming a subscriber of your Messenger bot.

This is the best way to ensure they become a Messenger subscriber. So the correct flow is:

    • They comment on your Facebook post or your Facebook ad.
    • Your bot sends them a message.
    • You end that message with a rhetorical question.
    • They respond to that message, and they become a subscriber.

Once you do this, the results are just amazing. You’ll see your subscriber count go up, your subscribers will engage with you by responding to your messages and you’ll just notice all around growth for your business.

Hi, my name is Brad Stephens, and I am the co-founder of MSGHero and Social Panda, and what I’m going to do now is I’m going to show you a real, live example of how we’ve actually gone ahead and implemented this here at Social Panda and to give you a reference point of how you can go and implement this in your own business.

You’ll see everything around the messages is blurred. That’s just to keep the customer’s information sensitive, but you’ll see in our message here, it says, “Hey, Brad here from Social Panda. Welcome to our course. Here’s the checklist download.” And then I end with a rhetorical question, which is basically asking them if their link has opened.

Now, obviously the link will open, but this is going to ensure that they respond to this message and that they become a Messenger subscriber. As you can see, the person has replied, “Yes, Brad, and loving it.” Now, there are different examples you can run with these rhetorical questions.

Another example could be asking them if they did they receive your message.

Reply yes if you received it.”

And what you can do inside of your Messenger bot is actually link their keyword to another response. So if they reply “Yes” you can send a follow-up response and so on and so forth. And this allows you to build up a Messenger subscriber list that you can broadcast to in the future (or trigger into a drip-delay sequence and a lot of other helpful actions).

So what I’m going to do now is I’m going to jump into MSGHero, which is our own Messenger bot platform that allows you to create these campaigns on the fly and basically within minutes.

So let me jump into MSGHero. The campaign type we use for this is called “Comment-Response”.

Fun fact: We pioneered this feature and were first to market with it before it became popular. You may have seen our viral ad showcasing this feature when we implemented it which garnered around 20,000 comments.

As you can see, I’ve selected my Facebook page.

All I have to do is select a Facebook post from my Facebook page by clicking the post (if you are running a Facebook ad, you can search for it over here:

I’m going to select a post. I give it a name (for personal reference) and I can type in my message and end it with a rhetorical question.

That’s going to ensure they reply.

There are a few additional (optional) settings such as setting a message delay, anti-duplication (so if a person comments more than once, they don’t receive the response twice) and inclusion/exclusive keywords (if you only want to respond to comments with certain words).

Now this is literally a two-step process, and it’s completed in under 60 seconds to set up a campaign from scratch.

So I really hope you enjoyed this video on how we tripled our Messenger subscriber lead generation 🙂

If you want try a campaign like this out for your business, click here to head on over to MSGHero. It’s free and easy to get started, and we hope to see you on the inside.

Have any questions about growing your Messenger subscriber list, or about running comment campaigns? Let us know in the comments below – we reply to every comment 🙂

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