How to Personalize Your Chatbot

If you know anything about chatbots, you probably know that personalizing them is highly recommended. But it’s important to know that personalization should not just come in the form of emoji, funny one-liners, and first name fields. Personalization is important because it helps improve the user experience, and this is how you can personalize your chatbot to do just that.

Ask Questions, Uncover Needs

Think about the last purchase you made at a brick and mortar store.

Did you ask for help? If so, how did the salesperson respond? If they were any good, they likely would have asked you questions to understand your needs, and then provided you a personalized recommendation based on your responses. If they gave you a general answer… you probably didn’t end up making a purchase.

Chatbots are virtual – but the process shouldn’t be much different.

Use Natural Language

Let’s face it: no one likes to talk to a boring, monotone robot. And even though your chatbot isn’t a real human, it can come pretty close. Develop a persona for your chatbot and do brand voice work, just like you would for your social media posts. If your business is youthful, playful, and fun, avoid using overly academic words. If your business is a bit more serious, avoid using too much slang, and always avoid industry jargon.

Teach your chatbot to talk to your customers the same way you would if they physically walked into your door.

Don’t Type Too Much

Let’s go back to the brick and mortar salesperson. Think about how you feel when someone talks over everything you say, or talks for minutes on end, only stopping to ask you a question or two so they could catch their breath. It’s no fun, and it’s not helpful.

Your chatbot shouldn’t be that way, either. Ask your Messenger subscribers plenty of questions, but keep them short and to the point. No one likes to read endless walls of text, and remember that many of your subscribers will be viewing Messenger from a mobile device. Keep things brief, and you’ll both be happy.

What are you doing to add more personality to your chatbots?

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