How to Improve Your Social Customer Service

You probably already know that social media is a must-have in today’s world of business. It’s a great marketing tool, and everyone’s on it. But what you might not realize is that social media serves several purposes, from branding to lead generation, recruiting to customer service.

The impact social media has on customer service is nothing to ignore. In a recent study, 71% of consumers who had a good customer service experience with a brand on social media said they were likely to recommend it to others… but having a good social customer service experience on social is a bit different from other customer service methods. Keep reading for some tips on how to improve your social customer service!

Set up a Chatbot

Chatbots can help decrease wait times, personalize service interactions, and take some of the pressure off of your team. This means that your team can spend more time brainstorming long-term solutions to recurring customer problems, plus put more energy into being creative — which bots can’t do on their own.

One great option for improving customer experience is installing a Customer Chat widget to your website. This type of chatbot lives on your site, available to help — even while your business is closed. You can load responses into your bot covering a range of topics that are most important to your customers and your business, solving customer problems while you’re asleep.

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Be Attentive

It’s tempting to ignore harsh or negative feedback about your brand. We get it: your business is your baby and you want to protect it… and your reputation. However, when you ignore, delete, or fire back at negative public comments, it ultimately reflects back negatively on you.

Instead of taking negative feedback personally, establish a process for responding (and make sure to do so quickly!) Ask genuine questions to enhance the customer experience, and try too listen objectively. Doing these simple things shows the customer that you care, and also shows anyone else visiting your page that you are responsive and dedicated to customer service.

Be Proactive

Oftentimes when customers are upset, they post about you, not to you. Setting up Google Alerts, using the search feature on social platforms, and utilizing an advanced social listening tool can help you understand what’s being said about your brand, even when you’re not tagged in the posts.

Being proactive helps alert you of potential crisis situations before they occur, allowing you to prepare your team and catch things before they get out of control. It also helps your customers understand that you care, and that you’re always tapped in and listening to their feedback.

There you have it — three key ways to improve your customer service. With these tips, you’ll develop loyal, happy customers in no time!

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