How to Clone a Facebook Messenger Bot

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Creating numerous and extensive bots can be super tedious, but it doesn’t have to be.😫

No matter if you’re a marketer or agency owner trying to scale campaigns out or implement bots across numerous client accounts, or a coach or consultant looking to monetize your bot as an upsell to your clients and existing clients, or if you’re trying to productize your bot to specific niches, cloning your bot can be a lifesaver. 🎉

Hey, Latasha here. Today we are going to be talking about cloning. No, this is not a sci-fi fiction post. We’re going to be talking about cloning messenger bots with Message Hero.

So, cloning is a future that’s available to Message Hero users. And it was actually brought about by customer request. Cloning was a huge feature that was in demand, and we listened. And we decided to make it possible within Message Hero.

I wanted to let you guys know that we do take your customer feature requests very seriously. So, if you ever have great ideas, please feel free to communicate them to us. One really great way to get in touch with us is by commenting on these posts. And even also, go ahead and join our Facebook group.

Anyway, today I’m gonna teach you how to actually clone your messenger bot. But before we get into that, I want to let you guys know why you would even want to clone a messenger bot, and what, exactly, that even means.

So, although Message Hero is super easy to use, the truth is, creating numerous extensive bots can be pretty time-consuming, and a little bit tedious. So, why continue to reinvent the wheel when you can just use this same set of wheels for a different vehicle.

So, basically, cloning allows you to take an existing messenger bot and copy it over or clone it, to either A, a different Message Hero account, like, a client’s account or friend’s account. Or B, you can clone it within your own Message Hero account to a different Facebook page.

So, for example, let’s say that I am a freelancer or I’m an agency, and I’m trying to get my clients to understand the benefit of Messenger marketing. And I think that they could really benefit from a chat bot. So, I’ve built out a chat bot on my own Facebook page, and I am going to actually clone it over to their Facebook page so they can use it, instead of having to create a different bot for every single client that I have.

I know if you do take clients, you probably take more than one. And it can take a lot of time to create a special bot for every single client. Also, you could monetize that, and you could add it as a benefit to joining one of your courses or as an add-on to a course or a program or a service that you offer.

Or if you just felt like being nice, and you have a friend who you know could benefit from Messenger marketing, but just doesn’t feel like setting up a bot of their own. You can actually clone a bot that you’ve created over to them and just give it to them within their Message Hero account.

For example B, let’s pretend that I just created a really awesome bot for my personal Facebook business page, and I wanted to share it with the Message Hero team so that we could use it on our page as well. So, since I’m an admin on both of those pages, I could actually go ahead and just clone my bot from my own business page over to the Message Hero business page, and that way we could both use it.

So, from your Message Hero Dashboard, you’ll just want to go into “Create”, and then into “Messaging Funnel” to see the funnels that you already have set up. If I wanted to clone it, I’m just gonna click on Share Campaign here, this little icon.

And I’m going to go ahead and copy this code.

We’ll close that out. Now, let’s go ahead and click on “Add New Funnel”.

You’ll go ahead and name it as you normally would, add your trigger keywords and all of that just like you normally would. But, you’ll see here there is a shared code, which is optional. That is where you’re going to paste in the code from my other funnel. And just click Continue, and then you’ll see that it’s already set up and ready to go.

I can go ahead and customize it from there, if there was a couple of things that I wanted to tweak or change. But for the most part, it should be all set for you. One thing to keep in mind here is, this will copy all of the messages. So, all of the words and buttons and all of that, but it will not copy any of the times series or tags, or anything like that. So, if you did have those set up, you’ll want to go in and re-add those again.

Now, this example is obviously just me copying it into a different Facebook page, but you can also share it with somebody. You’ll just need to send them that code that I copied. That one, just send them that. And as long as they have a Message Hero account, they can do the same thing within their own account.

And that’s it. Pretty easy, right? If you want to take advantage of this awesome feature, just make sure to head over to Message Hero is the world’s premier Messenger marketing platform, and we can’t wait to have you inside!

I hope this post was helpful for you! Have any questions about cloning chatbots? Respond in the comments below – we reply to every comment 🙂

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