How to Run Free Retargeting with Messenger Bots

Hmmm….FREE Retargeting? 

Yeah, sign me up 

If you’re running ads on Facebook right now, I want to show you how we’re using a simple Facebook messenger feature to run free retargeting to our offers with amazing results.

“2% of your prospects purchase the first time they see your offer”

We all know the power of retargeting, and that only around 2% of your prospects purchase the first time they see your offer. You usually need to pay to run ads to remind the other 98% to come back and purchase.

The problem is that to run retargeting campaigns, you usually have to set up pixels on all your pages in your funnel, and then run sequential retargeting ads to each part of the funnel to remind people of your offer and to generate sales.

Not only does this get costly, but when you run your retargeting ads they aren’t necessarily seen by everyone who viewed your offer the first time. We’re just attempting to reach those people again.

What if you could guarantee they would be reminded about your offer?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing here at Social Panda, using our MSGHero messenger marketing platform. We’re using our messenger bot to run free retargeting inside the Facebook messenger using our special drip-delay sequence which we call a ‘time series’.

This basically allows us to send our messenger subscribers through a sequence of messages every day after viewing our offer and opting in, without them ever needing to respond.

“So we’re guaranteeing that 90-100% who viewed our offer, are reminded of it inside the Facebook messenger”

The benefits of this are huge. We don’t need to pay for retargeting ads, our retargeting messages get a 90-100% read rate which means 90-100% of people who have seen our offer, get reminded about it.

As I mentioned a little earlier, with retargeting ads, that’s not always the case.

So we’re guaranteeing that 90-100% who viewed our offer, are reminded of it inside the Facebook messenger and we’re seeing a huge boost in sales because of this.

What’s even more powerful, is these follow-up messages are sent out without your prospect needing to respond. You just set a simple time delay between each message! Cool right? It’s just like an auto-responder drip-delay sequence.

Let’s look at an example…

As you can see, I have got my time series analytics here. So for this specific account, we have two main time series we’re running. One is for a free course we were offering and one is for a free trial that we were offering.

So, for the first one (the free course) we have sent 1400 messages, and almost a 100% read rate, and the same for the free trial. So if we go to see the actual follow-up messages within the time series (within our drip delay sequence) you can see almost a 100% read rate on all of our follow-up messages.

This basically acts as free retargeting for people who have viewed our free course, or who have viewed our free trial. We are sending them messages following up, to see if they are interested in picking up the free trial (just an example), if they didn’t the first time.

And as you can see, this is essentially a 100% read rate, on all of the follow-up messages.

So how do you set up these time series within Message Hero?

All you have to do is go to “Engage”, and click on “Time Series“.

I am then taken to the “Time Series” dashboard. I simply click “+ Add New Time Series” (orange button in the top right corner) and I’m prompted to select a Facebook page to create the time series on, as well as to insert a name for my time series (for personal reference).

I click on “Continue” and I’m redirected to the setup page.

I click on “Add Message” as shown below.

I’ll switch to an existing time series now, to showcase the rest of the features.

What I can do now is edit the trigger to one day after they subscribed, I can edit this to 48 hours after they subscribe, I can edit this to five minutes after they subscribe, I can edit it to an hour after they subscribed. As in the case below, I’ve edited it to go out 20 hours after they have subscribed.

So it’s very customizable, and this message that we set up will be sent to the person, in this example, 20 hours after they have subscribed. And we can go and add another message, and make this two days after they subscribed, and send them another follow-up message from the original. We can continue through this pattern, of setting up engaging follow-ups, to ensure that they are reminded about our offer or educational series.

Now this can be used for any type of product, any type of business. The applications are really broad.

So in the follow-up example for the free trial. If I go to this message right now, that I’ve set up to go out 20 hours after they have subscribed, all we’re doing is we’re saying, “Hey,” and we insert their first name, “we’re just following up on our conversation from yesterday to see if you have checked out MSGHero yet.” And then we’ve got two buttons, one for yes, and one for no, and each button is linked to a separate response.

So, that’s how simple this can be, if you’re going to follow up with prospects after they have opted into your Messenger bot. And just by doing this, we are getting free retargeting on our Message Hero software, that people can be reminded about it and they can come and purchase if they haven’t already.

So that’s how simple it is to run Messenger Marketing retargeting (for free). We don’t have to run any ads here. They have already opted in. They have expressed interest in our Message Hero software, and all we’re doing is we’re following up to remind them about it..

That’s it, simple Messenger bot retargeting!

If you aren’t a MSGHero customer already, you can click here and sign up for free. It’s easy and free to get started. We allow you to integrate unlimited Facebook pages, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you got some value from the blog post/video!

Have any questions, feel free to comment below this post. We answer every comment 🙂

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