How A Restaurant Used a Messenger Chatbot To Bring In New Customers

This case study is based on a chatbot campaign built and run by Ram Thamby (customer acquisition specialist for local businesses at 77reviews)

Every restaurant owner wants a place full of happy eaters who visit often.

But running a restaurant can be hard work and competition is always cutthroat.

So, how do you get people to notice that your eatery exists without handing out flyers or coming up with fancy, time-consuming ideas to outshine the place next door?

The simple solution? Use Messenger marketing!

Not sure how to do that?

No worries because this post dives into how an Indian restaurant leveraged the power of chatbots + Facebook ads to run a competition that brought in more customers.

With less than 100 fans on their page, the organic reach they got was through the roof (goes to show that when done right, Facebook can reward you with insane audience reach.)

Summary of results:

Adspend: 80 GBP

Shares: 86 + (The post had a snowball effect because people were asked to mention their dinner partners’ names too in comments.)

Comments: 234

Likes: 367

Post reach: 20,242 of which 16,486 was paid and 4365 was organic (kept on increasing even after the ad campaign had ended.)

New bot subscribers: 118

Number of discount coupons redeemed: 14 (this number is just for the first two Thursday evenings, it carried on for another couple of weeks.)

The end goal of running this competition

Getting the word out about the restaurant and increasing their user base with as little effort as possible was the main goal.

By running a “free dinner for two” campaign, this restaurant was able to build a list of subscribers as well thanks to using a chatbot.

What a nice bonus, eh?

How this approach works

  •  People see the Facebook ad for a free meal for two
  • The post asks them to comment the name of the person they would like to take out to dinner. By commenting, two things happen:
    1) The comment response feature is triggered and this in turn allows the chatbot to message anyone who comments.
    2) The comments increase the reach of the ad and allows more people to see it.
  •  Once they opt-in to the bot with just a tap of a button, the bot asks if they want to be notified when the winner is announced.
  • After the competition is over, the winner is announced and those who didn’t win get a 20% discount coupon they can use as a consolation prize.

As you can see, this is a straightforward process that any restaurant can use to boost it’s visibility.

Why this approach works

Using a Messenger bot with Facebook ads has a lot of cool benefits. Here are some to keep in mind:

The open rates of Messenger bots outweigh those of email

If you send out an email with a discount via email, the chances are slim that people will actually avail the offer. The reason is because email inboxes are so crowded and your email will probably end up in junk or the promotions folder.

With Messenger, users are constantly checking their messages and with just one tap, they can interact with your bot and take the desired action you want them to.

Seamless integration with Facebook ads

Previously, running a Facebook ad camping would either take users to a landing page, website or the Facebook page itself. And bounce rates were high because users could easily be distracted and they could leave before opting in for your offer.

With Messenger bots, you can set the destination of the ads as a chatbot funnel so once they interact with the ad, the bot takes over.

And that’s not all, in one tap the bot subscribes the users so you can reach them in future as well. Basically, you are able to achieve two objectives with one ad.

How to create your own campaign using MSGHero & Facebook ads

Step #1

Log into your MSGHero account or sign up here if you are new.

Step #2

Under the “Create” Option, select “Messaging Funnel”.

What you are going to do is create a funnel that will guide your users all the way from their first contact with the bot to following up with them later.

Step # 3

Click the “+ Add New Funnel” button in the top right corner.

Now, select the Facebook page where you want this funnel to go plus give your funnel a title and use a keyword that users will type into the bot to trigger the funnel.

In the example below, whenever someone messages our Facebook page with the keyword “Meal4two”, the message we are about to set up will be sent to them automatically.

Step #4

Next, you want to type the actual message users will receive to let them know that their name has been added as an entry.

To make the message more personal, click on the user icon to select options such as first name etc.

Step #5

Next up, you want to create a post announcing the competition on Facebook. is a good tool to use to create the image for the post in no time.

Once that is done, it’s time to setup the comment response feature. You will find this under the Grow tab.

Click on new campaign and select the name of the page the post you want to use the funnel with is published on.

You will see all the posts on that page, select the one you want here.

Step #6

Now, you need to add an opt-in message and publish this campaign.

This essentially acts as a way to get permission from users for the bot to interact with them. We had users type the keyword “meal4two” to trigger the funnel we created earlier.

Step #7

Once you have created the whole flow and you are happy with how it works, it’s time to get people to join the competition!

You can follow this tutorial to learn how to connect your MSGHero bot with Facebook ads to start driving leads to your business ASAP!

Set Up Your Own Bot Today, Free.

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