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What if I told you that there is a way to earn hundreds of new Messenger subscribers totally for free that you probably have not thought about yet? Well, there is, and it’s called the “Reference URL”, and I’m going to show you this cool feature in action today!

The reference URL is essentially just a simple link that you can create from inside of your MSGHero dashboard that can be placed anywhere where you normally put links. So think

  • Email signature
  • Email messages
  • Facebook posts
  • Twitter posts
  • Business cards
  • YouTube description boxes.

I could go on and on and on…

It’s a simple link that when clicked by someone, they’ll actually be opening up to a conversation with your Messenger chatbot. As you probably know, if you’ve been watching our content for a while, you know that when somebody engages in conversation with your chat bot, they become what we refer to as a Messenger subscriber.

Messenger subscribers are super important to have, because these are people who’ve opted into communications from you and that you’re now able to send open communications to. So you’re able to kind of take the reigns and start conversations with your subscribers when you need to or when you want to (instead of just waiting for them to come around and chat with your bot).

Now, we know that a ton of people are flocking to Messenger Marketing, and we love that. We know the power that there is behind Messenger Marketing. We see the results that people are getting, but we also see that there are some challenges for some people. One of the biggest challenges that we do see is that people just aren’t getting the traffic that they wanted and/or expected.

We often recommend that people run Facebook ads to their chat bots, because it’s a really great way to increase your reach and just to communicate with your target audience, but that costs money.

You know what? Not every marketing department, entrepreneur, or small business has a budget right now for advertising, and we totally get that.

So the great thing about using the reference URL is that it’s 100% free and it’s a really great way to add tons of new subscribers to your chat bot. In addition to being totally free, you’re also able to utilize your existing audiences. So, remember, I said that you could send it out in an email message. You already have an email list that’s going, so just leverage that existing audience.

You can post it on social media. You probably already have some followers on Twitter, or LinkedIn, or YouTube. So go ahead and just tell them to click on the link and that’s a great way to earn subscribers and use that cross-platform collaboration.

Another amazing thing that we really, really love about using reference URLs, is that it gives you a way to really track which platforms are working for you, because you could actually set up different URLs for different platforms or different places where you’re actually going to put this link. So, for example, you can create one strictly for YouTube. You can create one strictly for Facebook, strictly for email. You get the gist.

So doing this allows you to see how much traffic is coming in from each of your different sources, and that actually gives you a great idea for which platforms are really performing for you and converting for you in terms of Messenger Marketing, and therefore you can focus a little bit more of your marketing on the ones that are working, work on improving some of the things that are underperforming  and help develop your content strategy even further.

So reference URLs are incredibly easy to set up from within your MSGHero dashboard. I’ll show you how it’s done.

How to Set Up a Reference URL Campaign?

Go to “Grow” -> “Reference URL” in the top menu and click on “New Reference URL” (orange button in the top right corner).

Select your Facebook page. Anyone who clicks your reference URL will be sent to the Messenger of this Facebook page. Next, you’ll need to insert a “Campaign Title”. This is for personal reference only.

When you click the “Continue” button, it’ll take you to where you’re able to set up your campaign for this specific “Reference URL”.

The first thing we’ll do is edit the settings for the URL in the left column as shown above. Below I’ll explain each setting in detail:

Custom Reference: This will allow you to create a unique tracking URL for this messaging campaign you are about to set up. For example, if you insert “button3” into this field, your reference URL will be “[PAGEID]?ref=button3”. You’ll also be able to view your analytics for your different reference URLs to see exactly which URLs are producing traffic for your Messenger bot under “Analytics” in the top menu.

An example of this would be to use custom references for different traffic sources. So for one messaging funnel you can use “facebook” as a custom reference and for another you can use “email” as a custom reference. Then if you use your Reference URL in your email campaigns, you’ll then be able to track how much traffic is coming from email.

Your Reference URL: This is the URL you will use to generate traffic to this messaging funnel you are about to set up.

  • Insert it into buttons on your website
  • Hyperlink text in a blog post
  • Use it in your YouTube video description box
  • Use it in emails to your audience
  • Etc etc…

Add Time Series (Optional): This is an optional setting but if you’d like to add people who click on your Reference URL to a specific time series you can do so by selecting any time series you have already set up from this drop-down menu (a time series is a drip-delay sequence of messages you can set up for your Messenger chatbot). Using this, you can easily trigger prospects into different campaigns.

Add Tags (Optional): This is also an optional setting that you can use if you’d like to add a tag to people who click your Reference URL. This can be used for segmenting your audience.

Welcome Message (Optional): When a user messages your Facebook page for the very first time, Facebook shows a “Get Started” button which acts as an opt-in for your messenger bot. When they click the “Get Started” button, your welcome message you create is sent.

Once you’ve inserted your settings, you can continue to set up your messaging funnel (follow up messages) just like you would in any other part of the software.

Once you’ve set up your messages, click on “Publish”.

You’ll be redirected back to the dashboard for Reference URLs.

Click on the “Get Code” icon as shown below next to the campaign you just created.

A pop-up will appear with your Reference URL.

Copy this code and use it to generate traffic to your Messenger bot you have just created 🙂

So that’s it. That’s the reference URL. It’s pretty cool, right? Most importantly, pretty easy. Oh, wait. No, actually, this is the most important part. It’s free. Again, this is a great way to test out how your chat bot is working without spending any of your hard-earned money on ads.

So we hope that you’ll check it out. If you haven’t gotten started with your Messenger Marketing Strategy yet, please do join us over at It’s easy and free to get started.

We help a ton of awesome businesses work on their Messenger Marketing strategies and see some awesome, great results from it. So we’d love it if you join them. You can learn some more about some of the different customers that we’ve helped and some of the different growth tools that we have over at

Have any questions? Feel free to comment below! We respond to all comments 🙂

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