Avoid These Common Chatbot Mistakes

It’s no secret that we love chatbots… but let’s be honest, there are still a lot of misconceptions about them out there. And although we’re a big fan of them for how much more simple they can make our lives, setting them up incorrectly can actually have the opposite effect. Avoid these common chatbot mistakes and be on your way to Messenger marketing success!

No Strategy

Chatbots can serve many purposes. They can work as virtual customer service agents, become an extension of your sales team, or deliver content to your audience. Regardless of how you choose to use yours, you must establish a strategy before setting up a chatbot. Getting started on MSGHero is free, but as with any time or financial investment, you want to make sure you’re seeing value with it. Jumping into Messenger marketing without a clear strategy and plan for how it will improve your business can lead to wasted personnel hours and marketing dollars.

No Personality

They key to making your chatbot work successfully for you is delivering an outstanding experience for your Messenger bot subscribers. No one likes to talk to a boring, repetitive robot, so don’t make your chatbot sound like one! Personality helps bring the chatbot experience to life — try typing like a real human, throwing in the occasional emoji, and avoiding repetitive verbiage. You can also use rich media like videos or PDF’s to help showcase your brand identity.

Too Many Open-Ended Questions

Chatbots are smart… but it is possible to confuse them. Avoid doing that by keeping your questions simple. Asking too many open-ended questions can throw your chatbot off, making the experience frustrating for both parties. For example, instead of asking, “What can we help you with today?”, try a yes or no question instead like, “Are you looking for support with your device?”

No Testing

Even the smartest humans make mistakes. From spelling mistakes to dead links, odd questions to repetition… it’s happened to the best of us, and  you need to test your chatbot before sending it out to the masses. Since there are no Facebook page limits on MSGHero, you may choose to create a test page to demo your bots on before you launch them. Have members of your team chat with the bot and document any mistakes or confusion they have.

Overly Salesy

Chatbots can certainly help you sell… but that shouldn’t be all that they do! Messenger marketing is also about relationship building, and hopping into a sale before getting to know your customer and help solve their problems is a big no-no. Start slowly and understand their needs before jumping in for a sale. This will help establish trust, build value, and earn you more Messenger bot subscribers in the long run.

Avoid these common chatbot mistakes and you’ll be well on your way to success! Think of anything that’s missing from this list? Be sure to comment below and let us know!

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