8 MSGHero Feature Updates to Kickstart 2019

It’s that time of year again.

The time of year where we reflect on successes and failures and plan for the upcoming year.

While we’d like to say it’s been all sunshine and roses, it hasn’t.

We started off the year (2018) on a strong note with a huge update to the platform and everything was a smooth transition.

However, there were other areas of the business which were a bit like a leaking bucket. We were filling up the bucket while the holes were draining it.

As a new business, this is to be expected to some extent.  

We needed to go through the ‘plugging’ phase to stop the draining and build a good foundation to scale MSGHero without compromising both our platform, our team as well as the experience for you, our customers.

And then around April 2018, a bombshell rattled every Facebook-dependent platform in the world.

The Facebook developer platform paused all apps globally without any deadline for opening it back up.

This was due to the whole Cambridge Analytica situation.

While we agree this was a good move and step in the right direction for a healthy development program by Facebook – it doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt us.

Existing customers were able to continue using MSGHero (unless their connection got interrupted somehow – in which case they could not reconnect) and we couldn’t onboard any new customers.

For an entire month, we had zero customer acquisition.

In summary:


Eventually, it was re-opened but every Facebook app needed to re-apply for the existing permissions with some extra verification steps.

This review process took about another 2 months until we were approved and given the stamp of final approval by Facebook’s Messenger review team.

The feeling was truly euphoric (although not sure our hair will grow back).

At the same time, we had a lot of work to do to for GDPR compliance. Lots and lots of research, meetings with lawyers etc. We also developed an easy one-click GDPR compliance tool for our customers so they don’t need to worry about any of that.

So the year has been a bit of a rollercoaster!

Some of the faults our own, some external factors were out of our hands.

Sometimes you need to roll with the punches though.

I think we’ve come out stronger than ever.

We managed to grow significantly despite all the setbacks mentioned above.

We’re closing in on 20 million Facebook messages sent through MSGHero!

We also had a huge uptake on our tracking features. If you don’t already know, MSGHero is the only platform in the industry that allows you to track leads & sales down to the exact message they originated from in a flow of messages.

On top of that, we allow you to track the LTV (lifetime value) of your Messenger subscribers. This means you can track how much each subscriber spends with your business through Messenger.

This really helped us edge our way into the market.

Here are some huge successes in our eyes:

  • Messenger subscribers for our customers = 312% Increase from 2017
  • Messages sent = 276% Increase from 2017
  • Our team grew from a small team of 3 into 8+ full time employees.
  • Our customer support response time for the entire 2018 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) was 12 minutes (48 minute improvement from 2017)
  • We implemented our new ‘Unlimited’ plan for just $97/month (saving you hundreds of dollars, maybe even thousands each year).
  • Completed public Zapier integration and countless other new features.
  • Created GDPR tools for easy compliance for our customers
  • We rolled out our affiliate program.
  • We created an entirely free 30+ chapters of Messenger Marketing training.
  • We created a blog with a lot of tips, tricks, case studies and strategies.

All the above is all thanks to you, our MSGHero community. Your unwavering support doesn’t go unnoticed and we continue to strive to improve.

We believe we’re more equipped than ever to help you grow your business with Messenger bots in 2019.

In between family time and eating great food over Christmas and New Years, we’re working hard at rolling out the following updates for you to kick start 2019 on the right note.

Coming to your accounts soon…

#1 – Brand New Bot Builder Facelift

Over the past few months we really dug down into our roots and tried to figure out how to simplify the creation of a Messenger bot.

We really wanted to be able to have an easier way to create a sequence of messages that was fun to use.

We have a full video overview of this facelift in our Facebook group community (click here to see the video).

#2 – New ‘Saved Messages’ Feature

Typing the same messages over and over again for different flows and funnels is really time-consuming and this was a really big pain point for a lot of the MSGHero community.

Our all new ‘Saved Messages’ feature allows you to easily store messages and insert them into flows with just one-click.

You simply need to click the ‘add a saved message’ icon in any text field and the following will appear:

You can scroll through your saved messages, or search for them. Hover over any of your saved messages and click the “Click to Insert” button and it’ll be inserted for you.

Clicking ‘Manage’ will bring up the ‘Saved Messages’ management. You can easily create, edit or delete any of your saved messages without exiting your current message flow.

No more typing the same messages over and over (…and over).

#3 – Automated Bot Audit Feature

This was something we felt the industry was missing.

There’s nothing worse than setting up a bot you think is going to seriously blow your customers and prospects away and then you receive your first message and the bot doesn’t respond.


With our brand new industry-first ‘Bot Audit’ or ‘Bot Checker’ system – MSGHero will automatically analyze your bot before you publish it live to your Facebook page and tell you if we detect any errors.

This will give you peace of mind before publishing your bots and message flows to your audience!

#4 – Bot Flows

Another frequently requested feature is our upcoming bot flow overview.

Now you can see your entire flow of messages and buttons with the click of one switch.

Easily switch between the overall flow diagram and the classic editor with one click.

No more confusing flows!

#5 – Live Chat Feature

Our upcoming ‘Live Chat’ feature will take audience and subscriber management up a notch.

This is just a mockup image.

Now you will be able to easily navigate through your conversations and respond directly to prospects, subscribers and customers inside of MSGHero.

Not only that, you can see how they opted into your bot, trigger them into drip-delay sequences (time series), add segmentation tags to them, add custom fields and so much more.

A practical example would be manually triggering a subscriber into a thank you sequence once they have purchased something.

#6 – New Message Organization Structure

Our old message organization was a little hard to navigate and perhaps even a bit confusing.

We’ve completely revised this and in our upcoming update and you can easily navigate through your messages in your funnels and flows by clicking inside the “Search Messages” field as shown below.

 #7 – New Button Settings

We’ve re-done our button settings design (and a lot of other message settings too). This falls under our facelift update but everything is now a lot easier to navigate and setup!

#8 – Drum Roll… Our Shopify Integration

This is still under wraps for right now, but we’re really excited about what we have cooking for Shopify store owners. Coming in 2019.

That concludes our 2018 year in review, and what’s coming up in early 2019.

Despite the ups and downs, what a year we’ve had!

Lots of important lessons learned and growth.

Thank you for your support in 2018, and we’re looking forward to continuing our journey and helping you explode your business with Messenger bots in 2019.

Ready to Kickstart 2019 with MSGHero?

If our brand new ‘Unlimited’ plan (saves you hundreds of dollars each month) and upcoming features excite you – come join our community.

We’d be over-the-moon to welcome you to the MSGHero platform where we continue to strive to be the most user-friendly Messenger bot platform on the market (and most stable).

We’re all about helping you grow, with Messenger.

 If you’re interested in automating your Messenger Marketing without any limits, click here to sign up for a free trial to MSGHero. The above updates will automatically be rolled out to your account when they’re ready.

Please feel free to comment below or inside our Facebook group community with any questions or feedback. We love hearing from you!

2 Replies to “8 MSGHero Feature Updates to Kickstart 2019”

  • Ross Bennett

    I have always found Brad and the team extra helpful. I will be switching over to shopify hopefully for the new interrogation! I have used lots of different Msg Bots. This is by far the best one i have used! 10/10 Service. and great online help.

  • Cody

    As a MSGHero subscriber… but admittedly someone who hasn’t mastered your platform yet – these updates are music to my ears. SHOPIFY INTEGRATION!!!! YESSSSSS.

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