5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Messenger Bot Subscribers

The first thing you think when you’ve set up a chatbot is “wow, this is cool!“!

Unfortunately that fades when you notice there isn’t much traffic coming into your bot. It’s only cool when you see people interacting with it…

After all – you’ve created something amazing and you deserve to show it off 😉

In this week’s video and blog post, we’re showing you 5 easy ways to get people inside and interacting with your amazing Messenger chatbots!

#1 Facebook Comments

Number one is Facebook comments or the comment response feature within MSGHero. It’s a great way to engage with the existing audience that you have on your Facebook page and you can also reach new audiences through boosting or using Facebook advertising.

Here’s how it works. You create a Facebook post and you let your Facebook page fans know that they’re going to receive a Facebook message from you, once they comment.

Here’s an example. Let’s say that I just released an eBook and I’m giving it away for free for the first day or two. I’ll create a Facebook post and I’ll say, “Hey guys, I just published this eBook, I’d love for you guys to check it out. Comment down below, “I want it,” if you want a free copy.

Once people comment down below and they say that they want it, MSGHero will automatically trigger a response to be sent out to them through Facebook Messenger and it’ll give them a link to download it. You can go ahead and create your whole sequence and ask them follow-up questions, instruct them to go other places like YouTube videos, links, all of that.

Once they start interacting with this content, they become a Messenger subscriber of your Messenger bot, which (as you guys probably know the importance of) is great, because you can message them anytime after, whenever you want. It’s called “Broadcasting” and every message you send them lands right inside their ‘main’ Facebook inbox with a 80-90% read rate.

#2 Buttons

Buttons are also great because you can leverage your existing traffic or your existing strategies. Let’s say for example you are hosting a webinar and you have a sign up form on your website for people to get added into your webinar platform and get sent reminders, get emails follow-ups, and all of those traditional mediums.

Now, if you add a MSGHero Messenger button underneath your registration, not only will they fill out the form like normal, but your Messenger Bot will also receive that information and will trigger a response through Messenger as well.

You can build out a sequence that communicates with them in advance of the webinar, asking for questions, asking for feedback, seeing where they are in their career to help build data and help you formulate your webinar, send out reminders. You can do so much with that. This can just be embedded. It doesn’t have to be for an event or a webinar. You can also do it for a newsletter sign-up, you can do it for contact forms.

You can see an example of one of our own buttons in our sidebar on the right 😉

#3 Reference URLs

Now, the Reference URL is admittedly one of my favorites because it is just so, so easy to use and it’s something that you really don’t have to think too hard about and it is basically just a simple link that when clicked, triggers people directly into your Messenger bot. You can use this link anywhere where you would normally do business online, so think email signatures, social media posts, emails, websites, blog posts. You can paste it in anywhere where you would normally send people to go. Anyone who clicks it, is sent a Messenger sequence of your choice (think of it like a shareable link for your Messenger bot).

Let’s say in my Facebook post, I just want to send out an evergreen post or periodical post reminding people to sign up for my newsletter. I can do a Messenger sequence that goes through and collects people’s email addresses, but also, is gathering their information so they can become a Messenger subscriber. So whenever I send this link out on Twitter, or Linkedin, or in a YouTube description box, people will be able to click on it and subscribe to my Messenger bot.

#4 – Customer Chat (Messenger Version)

You probably know how important customer chat is nowadays. People expect information almost instantly, they expect support to be available all the time for them, so implementing a customer chat tool on your website is so important and we seriously recommend using one that integrates with Facebook Messenger, like the one that we offer through MSGHero.

This little button is going to show up on the bottom right corner of your website (fully customizable for your website and brand):

It will basically let customers know that you’re available to help them with any technical support questions, any questions, or anything that they need. You build out the sequence to build your customer care strategy and once people click on that and say, “Hey, I need help with the product that I bought” or “I need the information about getting the refund” or “I need to contact your PR person” or whatever the question is, they are going to be added in as a Messenger subscriber as well, so you can communicate with them down the line, follow up with them, see how their experience is going, send them newsletters, whatever it is that you want to do.

#5 – JSON Code

Facebook Messenger advertising is becoming bigger and bigger every single day, so we knew that we wanted to make a seamless experience for transitioning Messenger advertising (“Send Message” button on ads) over into Messenger marketing chat bots.

So without using this new feature, you’re kind of stuck with using the traditional, frustrating manual process that Facebook offers and you’re not able to include an entertaining experience with things like buttons and videos and all that.

You also need to tell your prospect to use certain trigger keywords to get them over to your bot. It’s not a seamless experience. With this feature, you’re able to create an entry point with a frictionless experience that transfers them over from the ad to your bot. It’s pretty revolutionary and we’re very excited about it.

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