10 Signs Your Business is Ready for a Messenger Chatbot

In this video and blog post – we explore the top 10 signs that your business is ready for (and will benefit from) a Messenger chatbot!

Messenger marketing is a rather new concept when it comes to business and that’s really exciting, but it can also be a little bit intimidating or maybe a little bit scary. So, if you’re like most business owners, who are a bit intrigued by the idea of chatbots and Messenger marketing, but you’re just not sure if it will work for you, this is the video that you need to watch.

Here are 10 signs that your business is ready for a chatbot.


#1 – You have an email list

If you’re already sending out emails to your customers or prospective customers, why not add a chatbot to that strategy? The general concept is pretty similar, but the technology is much improved. You can do so many different cool things with it and open rates are so much higher. We’re talking 80 to 90% open rates for chatbots. So if you feel like you’re not getting enough eyeballs on your content with email, or if you are letting your list sit idle, transferring them over to a Messenger marketing chatbot (subscriber list) is a great use of that time and that energy.

#2 – You have a content strategy

Creating great content, eBooks, blogs, videos, podcasts, etc…

If you are creating stuff that takes a lot of time and energy – it can definitely be SO worth it, but only if the right eyes are actually seeing it. That can be difficult, again, when you’re using traditional solo distribution methods (like only email, or only posting to medium). Chatbots can help a ton because there’s just so many people on Facebook and open rates for messages are really high. So, it’s a great way to promote the content that you already have going on and keep your subscribers engaged and excited about what you have to say.

#3 – You want higher open rates

We’re big advocates of using multiple distribution streams to get your content and message out there (read our 90% email open rate strategy here…).

MailChimp reports average email open rates of 22% across the board – Messenger (as mentioned above) boasts open rates of 80-90%. Building an email list AND a Messenger list is a MUST these days to maximize your readership.

#4 – You run ads for your business

If you’re already spending some money on Facebook ads, Instagram ads or Pinterest ads, why not spend a little bit more of that on Facebook Messenger ads?

Facebook Messenger ads allow you to target your ideal customer or client by things like location, interests and age (just like a normal Facebook ad). You can find your ideal client or customer, promote an ad to them, and get them transferred over to your Messenger chatbot. This works especially well with our JSON Code growth tool which helps make that experience really seamless and perfect for transitioning prospects from the ad over to your Messenger chatbot subscriber list. 🙂

#5 – You already sell a product or service

You’re ready if you already sell products or services. If you are selling anything on your website, chances are you probably get a lot of questions about support. You have forms that people need to fill out for adding things to their cart or offering coupons in exchange for email opt-ins (maybe you have a pop-up for this).

This is a great place to throw a chatbot into the mix! Add a “Send to Messenger” button, which acts as an entry point to your Messenger chatbot so that you now have permission to communicate with those customers via Messenger as well as whichever traditional method that they’re using (such as a newsletter sign up).

#6- Your customers use Facebook

It’s right for you if your customers are on Facebook, and you know what? There’s over a billion people on Facebook actively using Messenger so chances are at least some of your customers are in this group.

It’s right for you if you want to be available 24/7. Now, like most human beings, you need to sleep every once in a while and so does your customer care team or your sales team, but Messenger marketing and chatbots are on 24/7. They’re on whatever time you want them to be, so you can literally be helping customers (make decisions, guide them through the funnel, answer their questions) while you are asleep, and that is a really magical thing.

This is 21st century marketing and it’s something that you definitely want to do if you’re looking to cater for (and impress) the customers of today.

#7 – You’re looking to build leads

You’re looking to build leads. Not only are chatbots a great way to communicate with your customers, push out content, help them with questions, but it’s also a great way to generate leads. You can do things like use comment-response campaigns to give away things like an ebook or course in exchange for their information.

You can ask probing questions.

In fact, you can use our Zapier integration to actually collect their email address or their phone number inside the chatbot and automatically sync it to your CRM/auto-responder service (hands-free).

#8 – You want a 21st century marketing strategy, but you aren’t tech-savvy


Don’t worry, I’m not either.

I’m telling you, I am not a tech-savvy person and MSGHero is so easy to set up and build out your Messenger conversation, how you dream it to look like, without knowing a thing about coding (I don’t either – shhhh).

#9 – You’re looking to diversify your revenue streams

If you’re looking to upsell, chatbots are for you. This is a great way to upsell and build sales funnels without having to really think too much about it because it’s done for you through automation.

#10 – You want a better way to share rich media

So, maybe you post YouTube videos every week and you’re sick of just posting the same link on Twitter because it looks the same and people have stopped being really interested in it, or maybe your blog just isn’t converting the way that it used to.

Well, chatbots are great because you can actually drop those things into your sequence and you’ll be able to do things like let your customers watch videos right in their Messenger inbox or download PDFs (all right through Messenger) without having to go through to any external landing pages or funnels. They can stay right in Messenger and, again, it’s great because that’s the way that they like to receive their information.

So, it just presents things in a different, fun way and it’s all right there inside of Messenger.

Talk about engagement!

So, those are just a few of the signs that your business is ready for a chatbot of it’s own 🙂

How many did you agree with? Let us know in the comments below and if you agreed with quite a few, then it’s probably time to get started with your very first chatbot.

If it’s time, you know where to find us.

MSGHero.com 🙂

You get a 7 day free trial at MSGHero.com, so you can try things out, see how it works for you, and we know that you’re gonna love it. So many of our customers have said awesome things about our product and our service and we’re looking forward to having you become one of them.


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