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It’s really easy to setup. Our payout structure is 50% on the first payment and 30% on all further recurring payments.

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Why Promote MSGHero?

MSGHero is a Messenger Marketing platform, in which your customers can create chatbots that communicate with prospects, leads, and customers inside the Facebook Messenger (automating a lot of their business and freeing up their time).

All of our features are outlined on our sales page, and we also have a comparison page available here.

However, we are known for the 5 core reasons below:

  • Most user-friendly platform (easiest and most intuitive to use).
  • Our platform has all the features the rest have, but our key differentiator is that we allow your customers to be able to track leads and sales down to the exact messages they originated from in a chatbot funnel. These metrics are key when operating a business. We also allow them to track LTV (lifetime value) of each Messenger subscriber.
  • We're the only established Messenger bot platform to offer an unlimited plan for subscribers, Facebook pages and messages.
  • Most the most cost-effective platform.
  • Best customer service in the industry.

In short, this is the best solution for Messenger Marketing for any type of business.

Below is the commission structure:

50% on first payments
30% on all recurring payments thereafter
Join Our Affiliate Program

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