How To Turn More Prospects Into REPEAT Buyers & AUTOMATED Profits

Convert Comments Into Cash With 100% Delivery Of EVERY Marketing Message You Send with ZERO Ad Spend Automatically

The number of ads we’re exposed to daily has risen dramatically.

“Digital marketing experts estimate most Americans are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day.”

- Ron Marshall, Red Crow Marketing Inc.

And that spells trouble for marketers who rely on paid ads for traffic.

The answer to getting your marketing message across ISN’T always to throw more ads at your prospects. Ad blindness is a real problem for marketers.

Results of an ad blindness study from Infolinks:

“Results showed that only 14% of respondents recalled the last display ad they saw and the company or product it promoted. Even with today’s sophisticated targeting technology, relevance remains a key challenge with only 2.8% of respondents stating that they thought the ad they saw was relevant to them.”

Ad Blindness Impacts FB’s Newsfeed Too

If you think ad blindness doesn’t apply to the Facebook Newsfeed, think again

Although it’s not as severe yet as website banner ad blindness, people are paying less-and-less attention to FB Newsfeed ads.

“ . . . [T]he sheer volume of content people are consuming online each day could be making social media users feel numb to things they once found interesting or shocking.

And since brands on Facebook compete for attention with all of the regular posts from the site’s hundreds of millions of users, it can be even more difficult to break through the noise.”

-Aaron Taube,

It’s clear you need to stand out from marketers who pound audiences with ads 24/7.

Marketing smarter means getting more mileage out of your existing fans and customers.

It’s less expensive and far more effective to market to your existing base than it is to try to generate new leads.

Which is why it pays to know . . .

The Difference Between One Sale And A LIFETIME Buyer

Brad Stephens here.

After spending hundreds of thousands on FB ads in the past couple of years, we’ve seen the good, bad and ugly of social marketing. Biggest lesson?

It’s always easier to KEEP a customer than to gain a new one. And that’s never been more true in this age of competition and short attention spans.

“The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.”

-Khalid Saleh,

Facebook is the most powerful advertising medium online. Which comes with drawbacks:

Competition is more fierce than ever

Prospects are even more “blind” to marketing messages

Even with perfect ads and ideal campaigns, you’ll only convert a certain percentage of prospects into customers. So it just makes sense to focus FUTURE marketing efforts on proven buyers.

Now, imagine if marketing to new customers didn’t have to cost you a single penny:

No retargeting ads

No email autoresponder expenses

No putting up with constantly increasing advertising expenses

Direct Marketing Is Expensive, Time Consuming And RISKY

Every time you reach out to prospects, it costs in terms of dollars, time or both.

If you’re emailing your customers, you’re lucky to get a 5-10% open rate from those that actually get your message.

If you’re retargeting, you’re serving ads to the same audiences thousands of other marketers are going after. While being forced to put up with whatever increase in ad costs the social networks demand.

All this puts a HUGE dent in your ROI, AND decreases the effectiveness of your campaigns. There’s simply got to be a better way.

Today, MORE Than Ever Before, Service Sells

Face it. There are MANY other marketers selling the exact same things you are. You get a new customer? Awesome. What’s to stop that customer from buying from your competition next time? Absolutely nothing.

The ONLY way to stand out is with service and PERSONAL interaction. Those beat out price and product selection every single time.Once you connect with customers and engage on a personal level, they’ll keep buying from you over and again.

How To Stop Customers From Slipping Through The Cracks

Connect. Engage. Offer Incentives. Rinse and repeat.

Pretty simple in theory. Damn tough to do in practice.

Bottom line? Nothing you do matters if your message doesn’t
get through. And here’s another fact:

The Medium IS The Message … And Today That’s FB Messenger

We all know it. Facebook has 1.8 billion active monthly users. And while people turn off email, skype and everything else …

They ALWAYS keep FB notifications on, regardless of device. That little red icon, beep and even visual notification combine to FORCE people to open up.

While ads are easy to ignore, the FB Messenger notification is not.

it reaches us whether we’re on desktop, smartphone or tablet.

And if we’re honest, most of us drop everything when we hear that distinctive ‘ping’ and see that bright red icon.

So we decided to take advantage of that ‘stop-everything-in-its-tracks’ notification and pair it with incredibly powerful marketing.

We Dreamed Up An Automated Way To Reach Our Existing Fan And Customer Base Via FB Messenger

The light came on. Why not market to our EXISTING FB Page members?

After all, they had already shown an interest in our products and services. Which naturally makes them more likely to trust our brand and buy our offers.

So we created a stealth software which turns FanPage engagement into sales using FB Messenger.

We couldn’t believe how many more sales and optins we were making using this technology . . . because this wasn’t cold selling. Our FB Page members were already ‘warmed up’ and receptive to our marketing from engaging with our posts.

We couldn’t believe our stunning results. But we knew we were on to something BIG. So we asked some of our friends to beta test our new software.

We knew we had knocked it out of the park when our testers reported their results.

They were making more revenue with a ZERO budget than they were from spending hundreds on FB ads!

$132 SPENT / 13 SALES



Why Fight All The Noise In The FB Newsfeed? There’s A Better Way To Reach MOTIVATED Prospects!

What we have here is something that connects to REAL, targeted prospects that are ALREADY engaged in what you have to offer.

Letting you PERSONALLY connect with your most ENGAGED customers to turn one time buyers into lifetime customers.

How MSGHero AUTOMATES Sales & Profits

This breakthrough software delivers your messages via FB messenger. But here’s the really cool part …

These sales messages don’t need to cost you a thing. EVER.

MSGHero integrates with FB’s API and turns your page posts into cash magnets. By AUTOMATICALLY interacting with your most engaged audience.

It’s direct marketing at its finest, with ZERO competition.

No paying for retargeting ads.

No wondering if your emails go through. Just 100% inboxing to your most loyal fans and customers.

Include any text and ANY link you like in these custom messages. Give customers access to your support FAQ, coupon codes, discounts, special offers and even include clickable affiliate links.

If You Said Yes to Any of The Above, ’’MSGHero’’ Will Put Your Facebook Reach In The TOP GEAR!

Click on the Facebook post to the left and leave a comment to see how POWERFUL this is.

All delivered instantly and completely hands-free! Here’s how:

Login and connect your FB account … unlimited ad accounts are supported.

Select any FB page you own or administrate.

Watch as the software displays ALL the posts on your page ...

Create a new message for an existing post, OR create a new post and build a campaign around it.

Check Out This Short Demo & See How Easy It Is

Connect, Select & AUTOMATICALLY Engage YOUR Best Customers

100% Personalized & Customized To SKYROCKET Your Conversions

As soon as anyone comments on one of your selected posts, they’ll receive a custom private message DIRECTLY to their FB inbox.

You already know how well this works … when was the last time you DIDN’T open a private message?

Facebook knows it as well, and that’s why it’s opened up this platform to marketers … and given MSGHero complete API access. The software is 100% compliant with all FB terms of service so you get 100% inboxing GUARANTEED.

Artificial Intelligence Meets Retargeting For Explosive Profits

Exaggeration? Hardly. What else can describe a technology that automates customer engagement, sales and profits FOR you?

Add in the fact that this software ONLY engages with your most targeted audience … and the result is a tool that hand delivers profits while you’re sleeping.

Retargeting ReInvented: Instant, Permanent & FREE

When you serve retargeting ads, some prospects will see them and others will ignore them. Depending on your budget, some of your audience may only see your ad one time. Then it’s gone and you’re out of sight, out of mind.

But you’ve still gotta pay to keep those ads running.

MSGHero connects you with your top prospects without needing to invest a penny in ads.Even better?

You now have a direct & PERMANENT line of communication with your audience.

Once someone comments on your MSGHero - enabled posts, they get an automated private message.

Which gives you the opportunity to direct message them ANY time in the future. You’ve got an open conversation that can last a lifetime … building your trust while increasing conversions and long term sales.

With MSGHero, The Profit Potential Is UNLIMITED

Want to reward a new customer with a discount code? No problem.

Thank your fans for engaging with your content? Done.Direct users to your support or FAQ? Child’s play.

Just set a message campaign up ONCE, then the software monitors your selected posts and comments FOR LIFE, responding appropriately.

Sit back and watch the sales come in on autopilot.

Relax knowing your customers are getting the support they need.

Maximize profits by turning prospects and one time shoppers into lifetime buyers.

All with the power of automation, thanks to this revolutionary new technology.

Custom Messages For YOUR Customers Made Easy

Put your FB marketing on autopilot with automated engagement - reply to anyone that comments on any of your posts

Triple your message open rate while getting 100% delivery

Send IMPOSSIBLE to resist messages with notifications across ALL DEVICES

Create UNIQUE messages for every user with built-in spin text

Sell INSIDE the FB inbox with clickable links to any page or offer

Dynamic Personalization lets you customize any message with 1st or last name, full name, date or day of week

Anti-Duplication tech recognizes commenters by username, so no single user gets the same message twice

Inclusion Keywords: choose to reply ONLY to users that use certain positive keywords or phrases

Exclusion Keywords: choose to NOT reply to users that use negative keywords or phrases

Reach only your most TARGETED audience that’s truly interested in what you have to offer

Service Sells … MSGHero Is AUTOMATED Service

What’s the cost of engaging with your prospects and customers? Consider the TIME it takes to reply to every comment on your page posts. The expense of hiring a VA to do it for you.

These are REAL expenses that suck the life right out of your business. Thankfully, there’s now a way to automate it all.

Because who DOESN’T want to take advantage of FREE FB messages to deliver marketing messages that put dollars in the bank?

And if you think we’ve put laid it all out already with MSGHero, think again. Because there are . . .

Even More Powerful Features - Which Include:

User-friendly dashboard shows ALL posts & message campaigns so it’s SIMPLE to set up new promos

Increase readability of your marketing messages up to 10X over traditional methods

Complete video training on how to setup campaigns and maximize results from the software

100% set & forget - once you create a campaign, MSGHero constantly monitors your posts and comments, then replies to commenters with unique messages

Works just as easily with dark, hidden and unpublished posts - maximize sales & profits from marketing posts you leave off your public pages

Retarget your BEST prospects without paying for ads OR competing with other marketers

Finally get paid what you’re worth for posting valuable content

Increase your FB page responsiveness score, meaning even higher organic reach

Finally, A Traffic & Conversion Tool For EVERY Marketer

Who DOESN’T need to make more sales? As long as you’ve got either a customer base OR audience, MSGHero is going to help you drive profits:

eCom marketers - turn one-time buyers into lifetime buyers with personal messages that build your brand and maximize customer satisfaction

List Builders - turn your fan pages into lead generation machines with the customisation built right into the software

Affiliate & CPA Marketers - convert traffic into customers and repeat buyers with personalized messages

Product Vendors - create loyalty & build your brand by providing top notch support to both prospects and customers

Content Marketers - finally get paid what YOU’RE worth by monetizing the content you share with your audience

Freelancers - imagine what YOU can charge by turning your clients’ campaigns into cash cows using this set and forget technology

Facebook’s not going away. And people are going to keep opening up their FB messages. This is YOUR time to take advantage.

We’ve just made it ridiculously easy, and profitable, for you to do it. With a cutting edge software that’s 100% approved by FB and point and click simple for ANYONE to use.

We WANT you to turn each prospect into a repeat customer. And would LOVE for you to be able to do it on autopilot. MSGHero is the tool to make it happen for you.

And we’d like to remove the one last thing which may be holding you back from grabbing MSGHero right now.

You want to make sure it’s right for YOUR business. We get it. It’s why your purchase of MSGHero today is completely backed by a 100% moneyback guarantee.

The MSGHero Unconditional
30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Pick up MSGHero now with confidence. Your investment today is fully-backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the 1st 30 days after purchase.

Take MSGHero out for a spin. Enjoy spending less on getting new customers . . . and get dramatically boosted profits from reaching your existing customers so easily and effectively.

In the unlikely event you’re not happy with MSGHero, just let us know within 30 days of purchase. We’ll cheerfully give you a full-refund of your investment.

There’s only one small catch.

This offer is only available for a very limited time.

We’ll be moving MSGHero to monthly subscription pricing VERY soon - so grab it NOW while you can still take advantage of LIFETIME pricing.


Targeting Your Existing Customers
Means MORE Sales

It’s time to focus more on selling to your existing fans and customers.

Why wouldn’t you when it’s far more profitable than paying to get new customers?

We’ve shown you how much more you can make by selling to your existing customers. And our beta testers proved it to you.

Now it’s YOUR turn to spend FAR less on ads . . . while making more money with MSGHero.

Don’t forget . . . you’re also covered by our no-questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee.

Check out the software, materials and bonuses for yourself. If for any reason you’re not thrilled, contact our support desk and we’ll issue a prompt refund.

So what are you waiting for?

Hit the button below to get instant access to MSGHero, the training and bonus while you can. Time for YOU to take advantage of FB’s latest to build your business faster than ever before.

To Your Success,

The MSGHero Team

P.S. With email delivery as sketchy as it is these days, doesn’t it make sense to have an
‘insurance policy’ to make sure you can reach your customer base? That’s what
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Q. Will MSGHero work for me if I have a Mac?

A. MSGHero is cloud based. It will work on any operating system and is also completely mobile responsive.

Q. Do I still need an autoresponder if I have MSGHero?

A. While MSGHero is the easiest, most reliable way of reaching out to fans who have engaged with your posts . . . we don’t advise ditching your autoresponder just yet. Even if email deliverability isn’t what it used to be, you can still upload your email lists to Facebook for retargeting.

Q. Will Facebook ban me if I use MSGHero?

A. Relax! MSGHero is completely FB compliant. We have their blessing to use the Messenger API. Your FB account is perfectly safe with MSGHero.

Q. So I don’t have to pay FB to send messages via MSGHero?

A. Nope! Unlike with regular Newsfeed ads, you don’t have to pay a single dime to send your FanPage members messages with MSGHero.

Q. Can I personalize the messages I send with MSGHero?

A. Yes you can! MSGHero’s Dynamic Personalization lets you customize any message with 1st or last name, full name, date or day of week.

Q. I’m worried MSGHero will send the same message to the same person . . . and make me lose credibility.

A. MSG Heros’ Anti-Duplication tech recognizes commenters by username, so no one will get the same message twice