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Welcome to a New Messenger Marketing Era

MSGHero Lets You Build a Facebook Messenger List & Broadcast Messages That Land Directly in Their Main Facebook Inbox...

and Track Leads & Sales Down to The Exact Message.

MSGHero software
  • Creates Facebook messenger subscribers that you can broadcast messages to.
  • World's first easy-to-use all-in-one Facebook messenger marketing software.
  • Above & beyond analytics allow you to track all your sales, leads and other key metrics that give you the data you need to scale.
  • Unlike any other Facebook messaging software ever released.
  • Set up fully automated follow up responses if a prospect replies. Have an entire conversation without ever logging into Facebook using special triggers and delays.
  • MSGHero messages support images, headlines, clickable call-to-action links, website links & more.
  • Can send a message to all of your messenger subscribers and reach them right inside their Facebook inbox with one click, as if it were a friend messaging them.

The #1 Messenger Marketing Platform Powering The Biggest Facebook Brands & Influencers

Paul Getter

Social Media Specialist for Tai Lopez, Les Brown, Akon & More

This is awesome software that my team & I have been using for some time. Really, it's mind-blowing some of the things this software can do. We've seen increased productivity, increased sales, really an ease of use and not only that, the team of MSGHero have been awesome to work with. MSGHero is just really leading the front with this type of software.

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Sabine Matharu

Increased her eCom store sales by 20% using MSGHero

I've used MSGHero within the space of eCommerce and it's helped me increase my sales by 20% through simply giving away a discount code, asking customers to quote a certain phrase below my posts and MSGHero would then send them the code directly into their FB inboxes. So I do really really recommend MSGHero it is a very handy tool to have.

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Create, Grow, Engage & Track. Easy.

Here at MSGHero, we’re marketers and not just a software company. We’re immersed in Facebook marketing and outside of MSGHero we’ve formed several companies using Facebook as a major traffic source.

What does this mean? Well, we understand the needs of marketers, businesses and agencies when it comes to Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Ultimately, everyone wants an easy, user-friendly messenger marketing platform with fast, specialized one-on-one help when necessary. We don't make you wait two weeks for a support ticket. Our average response time is 8 minutes, 24/7, 365.

Welcome to MSGHero.

Powerful Features, Simplified.


Create a messenger bot to impress your prospects. Automated, zero coding, easy.

Use the most user-friendly bot creation platform available, skip the technical coding and create your Facebook bots with peace of mind. Simply sync unlimited Facebook pages to MSGHero and have a bot ready to impress in 2 simple steps using our intuitive message builder.


Getting traffic into your messenger bot has never been easier.

Use our traffic tools to convert traffic into messenger subscribers. Once you have traffic, your messenger bot automates marketing, sales and customer support for you.


Mass-message your messenger bot subscribers with one-click.

Every time someone interacts with your messenger bot, they’re added as a messenger subscriber. Broadcast messages to them with 80-90% open rates, make their phones buzz and always land in the main Facebook inbox (just as if it were a friend messaging them).


Having a messenger bot set up without knowing where leads and sales are coming from is pointless. You’re flying blind.

Track opens, read rates, clicks, leads and sales down to the exact message to know precisely which messages are helping your business grow.

Why Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Deliver Messages with a 100% Inboxing Rate
Message Notifications Make Phones Buzz, Red Notification inside Facebook and Tablets
80-90% Open Rates and Over 50%+ Click-Through Rates
Engaging Personalization (Address People by Their Name, Date, Day of the Week etc)
Have Automated Conversations and More Inside a Platform Prospects TRUST

Email open rates average around 22% and landing in the main email inbox (and avoiding the spam filter) is getting harder and harder by the day.

With over 1 billion active users using Facebook messenger, messenger marketing is understandably becoming the #1 way for businesses to engage with their audiences.

  • 22% Open Rate
  • Impersonal
  • 1 Notification
  • 2-3% Click-Through Rate
  • 80-90% Open Rate
  • 1-on-1 Engagement
  • 4+ Notifications
  • 50%+ Click-Through Rate

Numbers Paint a Picture

How are you paying to build a relationship with your customers? Based on the average open rates of email and Facebook messages, here's a comparison of what you could potentially earn
  • 1600 Opens
  • 800 Clicks
  • 80 Sales
  • $7760 Earned
  • 440 Opens
  • 90 Clicks
  • 1 Sales
  • $97 Earned

More Features Simplifying Messenger Marketing

Convert Comments on Your Ads/Posts into Messenger Leads

Comment-Response Campaigns

Automatically send a private message of your choice to every comment across all of your posts and ads and they'll also be converted into messenger leads at the exact same time.

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Unlock Your Limits

Unlimited Facebook Pages

With other messenger marketing platforms, you are charged per Facebook page. Not with MSGHero! Create comment-response campaigns, send broadcasts, create entire messaging funnels and track everything with ALL your Facebook pages.

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Pinpoint leads and sales down to exact messages

Track Everything

We track your leads and sales down to each individual message. Want to know where those 3 sales came from? We’ll show you the exact message that generated them.

On top of that, we’ll be able to show you your LTV (lifetime value) of your messenger subscribers! You’ll be able to track how much each messenger subscriber spends with your business over time.


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Engage with your subscribers like never before

Broadcast Custom Personal Messages

Want to send a custom personalized message to everyone on your messenger list? MSGHero opens that door for you. You can now send out broadcasts to anyone who has contacted your FB page or commented on any of your ads or posts.

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Automated messaging elevated to new heights

Create Entire Messaging Funnels

You can create an entire follow-up series of unlimited messages just like you do with an auto-responder. Send users separate messages based on special triggers and how they respond to your automated messages.

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Follow up with your subscribers

Special Delayed Drip Campaigns

Finally, set up a fully customizable series of messages to be sent out, with any time delay of your choice. Select messenger subscribers to be sent a message every day for 7 days for example. No responses from them required.

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Blowing away prospects has never been easier

Super Customizations Create Rich, Graphical Messages

Include engaging customizations such as dynamic variables, images, headlines, descriptions, custom call-to-actions and external links in any or all of your messages.

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Automation meets simplicity

Set Custom Triggers

Set a trigger for any message to be sent. These unique triggers allow you to trigger people to any next message you like! If they perform your specific trigger, for example, mention a certain keyword in their response to you, a custom personal message of your choice will be sent to their FB inbox automatically. Unlimited triggers allowed!

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Small and Large Businesses use MSGHero to Connect With Their Audiences…

So tried it out with a restaurant and did a free appetizer campaign…it's been a little over a day and the restaurant has gotten over 200 people to get a free appetizer code… MSGHero if you're interested in trying it out, is definitely worth it.

Lee Bradshaw Owner at One27Media

This is a fresh and proactive marketing tool that helps our brand stand out. When we integrated a MSGHero response with a paid post recently, we sold over £1000 of services in the first week. It's an amazing result. But it's our secret so shhhh!

Natalie Karr Director at Woya Digital

The engagement of our campaigns promoted on facebook fuelled with MSGHero increases the value of every dollar spent. Every 3 leads we generated through MSGHero converted into 1 sale and we made $7.50 for every dollar spent on the campaign.

Calum Maxwell Optimise Online

Just getting started or have an existing audience?
We have you covered…

See How MSGHero Compares to Other Messaging Bots

Create Unlimited Bots
Convert Anyone into a Messenger Subscriber
Broadcast to All Messenger Leads
Track Leads, Sales & ROI
Convert Comments on Ads & Posts into Subscribers
Automated Messenger Funnels
Multiple Message Triggers
Drip Delay Feature
Dynamic Personalization
Unlimited Facebook Pages
Unlimited Sequences
In-Depth Analytics

Join thousands of customers who are using MSGHero to fuel and track growth in their businesses through
a new era of messenger marketing.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Pick up MSGHero now with confidence. Your investment today is fully-backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the first 30 days after purchase.

Take MSGHero out for a spin. Enjoy getting more from engaging with your audience inside the Facebook Messenger.

In the unlikely event you're not happy with MSGHero, just let us know within 30 days of purchase. We'll cheerfully give you a full refund on your investment.


Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you have a question about MSGHero? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

We have a detailed comparison page you can view by clicking here.

MSGHero integrates with your Facebook account with one-click, and will automatically sync your Facebook pages inside the software. As long as you have a Facebook page, you can use MSGHero.

Absolutely not. We’re known as the most user-friendly messenger marketing platform available, and we pride ourselves on this. Setting up campaigns is easier than you think, and not one line of code is required.

All our pricing information is on this page. You can also click here to be taken to the pricing information.

Yes, we do allow you to run your agency through one MSGHero account. All you need to do is ensure you have admin access to their Facebook pages, and they’ll automatically be synced into your MSGHero account.

Absolutely. We release case studies, training and strategy videos almost weekly to help you grow. You can join our Facebook Group by clicking here.

Yes, we do. If you’re ever unhappy with anything inside of MSGHero, we believe you’re entitled to a refund.

We accept most major credit cards and we also allow you to pay via PayPal.

Yes you can! MSGHero lets you customize any message with first or last name, full name, date or day of week, external links, images, call to actions, emojis, attachments, videos, custom delays and more.